1981 BMW R100 ICON


The R100 RS is breathing new life with it’s high-flow air filters after decades of … well, just being old-school! We saw more to the original R100 RS and it’s opposite engine. The bike itself begs for being minimalistic with it’s mono-lite ‘out-of-this-world’ engine case. The result we were after was getting a smooth night-rider to glide thought the streets of Stockholm unnoticeably – so we made sure the exhaust was as quite as possible on the low revs, though rougher once on the throttle!  What a sound!

The design lines were adjusted dramatically – We loved the retro front fairing look and went for a minimised version of it. The gastank, however, had to go. We went for a small retro-racing look and customized the seat accordingly. And the rest is history – top class components from Motogadget, some fancy tyres and a cool paintjob as a cherry on the top! Sub-zero cool class bike if you’d as us!

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